Experience the Mint Green Lyft!

Experience the Mint Green Lyft!

Here’s what it’s like on a Lyft ride in my Mint Green Chrysler 300.

My car

  • Yes, I keep it clean so please be respectful and help me keep it this way.
  • No eating in my car or letting your kids eat in my car! (unless you ask first and it’s nothing messy). If you drop any food, clean it up.
  • I like it smelling fresh and good so I use air freshener. In the warmer weather, I’ll crack the windows or sunroof for fresh air.
  • You’ll hear Smooth Jazz, Chill, or the Blend music stations on Sirius XM.
  • If you need to charge your iPhone, just ask to use mine.
  • I don’t typically drive late at night on weekends because I don’t want to deal with drunks. (I’ve had someone vomit in my car already!) If someone I am picking up appears very intoxicated, I will ask them whether they feel sick or queasy at all. If so, they will not be getting into my car. I will cancel the ride on the spot.
  • If you have large objects, groceries, or luggage, there is plenty of room in the trunk for those things.

Driving and Safety

  • Yes, I try to avoid ALL the potholes, ruts, and trenches in the road so sometimes I may be weaving a bit or driving slower on the city streets. I’m trying to make my car last and avoid costly repairs.
  • I try to be respectful not to block traffic if at all possible when I come pick you up (especially because riders on a regular Lyft ride have FIVE minutes to show up. That’s a long time to be blocking traffic.)  Rather than block lanes of traffic, I may try to find a spot to park in or go around the corner or across the street.
  • When I drop you off, please check outside for bikes, cars, and pedestrians before opening your door. It’s usually better to exit on the curb side of the car if possible.

Greeting and interaction

  • I don’t expect to make friends or have in depth discussions with passengers, but a little courtesy goes a long way. I greet everyone who comes into my car and just ask for the same courtesy. A lot of younger people are face down in their phones with their headphones on, but just an acknowledgement of your driver is appreciated.
  • Topics of conversation I enjoy: real estate, anything Philly, cuisine (food/cooking), languages, world travel, military experience, fitness, community service, networking, business entrepreneurship. No politics!
  • What I don’t appreciate is people talking loudly on their phones and using profanity. You are NOT in your house. I have had people talking into their phones while on speakerphone the entire 20 minute ride. I have had people arguing and screaming into the phone during rides and it’s very rude and uncomfortable. Playing music real loud in headphones is also rude.  

Whether you’re on a 5 minute ride down the street or a 40 minute ride to the suburbs I hope you have the best Lyft ride ever! Tips are never expected, but always appreciated (cash or in app). Happy riding!