Another Navigation Puzzler. People with an aversion to the highway.

I pick up this woman at night at 8th and Market to take her on a 5-mile trip to Kensington. Of course, at this time of night I-95 is the best bet and Waze gives me directions to head to I-95. She sees that it is taking me to I-95 and says she doesn’t like I-95. Besides, it is out of the way to the east and then we have to head west from I-95 into Kensington. She says, “just take 5th Street all the way up.” However, I explain to her that her preferred route is 6 minutes slower because of all the stop lights, stop signs, and speed bumps. I explain that I-95 is faster (this isn’t rocket science) because I can go 60mph (or faster). She says, well, I guess that’s the difference. Ok. Some people are so dumb. We take 5th Street the whole way, stop lights, potholes, stop signs, and speed bumps. Gotta love it.