“I Need a Chick on the Side”

I pick up this guy the other night from Rivers Casino on a ride to Poplar neighborhood (Temple University area). He starts complaining out of the blue that he needs “a chick on the side.” I just listen, but don’t comment. After all, what do I say anyway?? Then, he volunteers, “my wife ain’t helpin’…my dick is ready, but she ain’t.” He then says, “she wants to be old and have sex once a month.” He segued to discussing his two college age kids, a son and a daughter. Referring to teaching his kids the “birds and the bees”, he said he showed his son how to put condoms on and said that he told his daughter that “you can’t be giving it up to any n*.” He said his daughter is just as wild as he is. No doubt! What a Rockwell style family.