Is this your bag of clothes?

Old City pick up one late evening. When I arrive at the corner near the pick-up point, I can’t turn because a stopped ambulance is blocking the road. So, I wait on the corner and send a text to the passenger letting her know that I can’t get down the street because an ambulance is blocking the way. Then, a paramedic from the ambulance comes over to my car and asks “are you the Lyft?” I say “yes”. He then goes back over to the ambulance and brings a big bag of stuff to put into the back seat of my car and says it’s the girl’s. I ask whether she’s alright (taking a Lyft instead of getting into an ambulance?) and he says, “She’s fine. She just had an argument with her boyfriend.”

A few minutes later, the passenger gets into my car and I confirm her name. A few blocks into the ride I just ask to confirm whether the bag in the back seat was her stuff. She says, “no, it’s not. I don’t know what that is.” Say, what?! So, I’m driving with somebody else’s stuff in my car. Oi vey! Fortunately, it was a short trip to drop her off. However, I got another ride request right after I dropped her off, so I stopped right away to put the bag in the trunk to deal with it later. Since this ride pick up was actually around the corner from where I received the mystery bag, I asked these passengers whether they would mind me driving around the block and dropping the bag off where I got it (I explained the story to them and how I acquired the bag). They said it was fine and commended me for my “community service for the day” and that this would garner me good karma. Unfortunately, when I got there the ambulance was long gone and I didn’t know exactly in which building the bag’s owner lived. So, I just used my best judgment to leave it on an exterior window ledge. Hopefully, it found its way back to her or someone else that needed clothing.