Lyft Customer Service – the worst!

0-3! That’s Lyft Customer Service standings for the three issues I have had to deal with in the 6 months that I’ve been driving. You would think that as a near 5.0 rated driver that I would be treated somewhat better than dirt, but it’s not so. Their convoluted way of dealing with issues and drivers (assuming, with riders too) is via the app and then email only. No one will call you and you can’t call them! Not only will they not understand the situation entirely, the delays and the puzzling responses are infuriating.

The first issue that they fumbled related to an incident where a passenger opened up the rear door without looking and hit a cyclist. There was no damage to my car (other than a few chips in the paint on the door edge) and nothing I was claiming. The cyclist didn’t need medical attention and didn’t file any claims. A police report was made, everyone stayed on scene, and all the insurance companies (my personal and Lyft’s insurance company York Express) were notified. Lyft immediately deactivated my driver app until they could investigate the incident. I ended up being unable to drive for 4 days (over a weekend) until they finally reactivated my account. They admitted they messed up and should have cleared up the incident that night instead of 4 days later. They gave me some compensation for their mistake, but it wasn’t nearly as much as I would have made driving over 4 days.

Incident two continues to this day. A glitch in their system (probably after a recent “upgrade”) won’t allow them to upload the picture of my car that I provided them. As my car has a unique color, it makes a huge difference for riders to be able to quickly identify my car. Currently, they have a black color car that isn’t even the correct model of my car. When I first started driving for Lyft, I asked them to upload a picture of my car into the app which they were able to do in one minute. The picture was live for the first 3 months that I drove, but them dropped out after that. I only found out when a passenger mentioned they didn’t know what car to look for because there was no photo in the app. So, more than two months now and they still don’t have a resolution. And, they are an IT company??

The third incident was the one I described in another post about the drunk girl. Lyft customer service’s handling of this incident was so infuriating, from the contradictory emails, the various people that responded via email, and the onerous process to prove the incident happened and getting some sort of compensation. Every step of the way was more challenging than the last one. Every time they responded they pissed me off more and more. They don’t treat drivers with the respect or importance that they deserve. I have no confidence that the next time I need to contact customer service that it will be a pleasant experience, that they will respond in a timely manner or that they will even completely understand the situation.