No, you can’t kiss me.

A few nights ago I picked up an African-American (relevant to the story) woman late 40s/early 50s who admitted she was drunk. She started causing an issue when I had to pick up another passenger and she realized she was on a shared ride. She was trying to give me navigation directions, but I explained I had to pick up someone else. She started using fouls language and said she was fed up with this BS. She was still trying to confirm she was in the right car even though I greeted her by name, knew her destination and she knew my name. Anyway, I pick up passenger 2 and he was quiet through the entire ride.
After she accepted that she was in the correct car, she calmed down but then stared getting super friendly. I humored her and engaged in the conversation, but then she started asking personal questions and then started touching on my side from the back seat while I drove. Then, she leans up and asks whether she can kiss me! WTF?! I decline and she laughs it off as a coronavirus best practice and I agree and laugh it off.
She was high maintenance as I was dropping her off as she asked about tipping me, eating me, and asking whether she left anything on the car. What,? look around ! You want me to twist my head and look in the back seat and on the floor?! Passenger 2 still quiet.
Anyway, she finally leaves and I tell passenger 2 later on that that was a crazy ride. He agrees and we have minimal conversation until I drop hi off.
The next day I get a notification from Lyft customer service that the passenger says she lost a debit card in my car. Lyft provides a phone number for the passenger “so I can contact her.” He’ll no. I’m not falling for that! There was a nothing in my car. This was a ruse to get me to call her. Who knows what inappropriate things she would tell me! Not interested!

I reported the incidents though the Lyft app and someone called me later that day when explained everything. Creepy people.