The Lyft came too fast!

So, I picked up this 43-year old guy in Olney on a shared ride right after I had dropped off another passenger just 5 blocks away. Remember, on shared rides the passenger has 2 minutes to show up or I can select “no-show”. So, a minute after I arrived, this guy says quietly, as he gets in, “I was in the p*”. Now, I wasn’t sure whether he was talking to me or to someone else (on the phone), so I didn’t say anything. Then, he says it again…”I was in the p*. I didn’t even have enough time to bust *. ” So, this guy chooses a “shared ride” (the cheap way of travelling on Lyft) and is complaining that I arrived too fast. He can see on his phone when I am expected to arrive since I was dropping off another passenger close by. He also could have cancelled the ride if he didn’t want to leave the P*. So, I just tell him that, “yeah, I dropped someone off close by.” Apparently, the woman he was with then called him while he was in my car and talked quietly about how long it had been (“it’d been a minute”) since he last got any and about some of the kinky stuff he was into but that women may not be into.

Well, if I were him, I would have gotten my money back. 🙂 Until next time, keep it classy, fellas!