When you get out, I’m gonna buy you some steaks and cigarettes.

So, I pick up this guy on Delaware Ave. who was already talking on his phone to someone when he got into my car. The first thing I hear is “if I had known the protocol, I would have brought you some cocaine.” So, I’m thinking this is gonna get interesting. He then promises that when she gets out he’s gonna buy her “some steaks and cigarettes.” Great pairing! Then, he tells her that she shouldn’t do what she did again because he doesn’t like that and it doesn’t fly in Asian culture. At this point it sounds like she tried to commit suicide. But, then he tells her that when she comes home she has to clean up the “Asian blood” on the mattress upstairs. Say, what??! He went on to say that he was in prison for 10 years and that it’s tough to be away from friends and family that long (essentially telling her that she doesn’t want to be put away for a long time). After listening to this bizarre conversation, I drop him off at a pawn shop in center city. Just wow.