Don’t be this guy – lying douche.

Don’t be this guy- lying douche , blowing smoke up your dress. Seemed like a nice enough guy I picked up in center city to take to the airport. He was on a shared ride, meaning I could quite possibly pick up and even drop off other passengers before I got him to the airport. The Saturday afternoon  traffic was barely moving as I got a request to pick up another passenger a few blocks out of the way. Traffic was so slow, I even called the passenger to let her know traffic was heavy and that I was trying to make my way around the corner to pick her up. I decided to take a side street, an alley really, which seemed like a great short cut until I got to a van blocking the alley. A guy was offloading some things from the back as I waited patiently. Then the guy walks over to my car and says “I’m gonna be 20 minutes”. Are you frikkin kidding me?! So, I had to back up the entire block into traffic where I was initially- traffic still hardly moving.  I decided then that I needed to get this guy to the airport, so I decided to cancel the additional passenger. He then says, “I really appreciate it. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you in the tip.” I told him “thanks” and that I needed to get him to the airport. After traffic broke a bit and I was able to make it a few blocks, yet another passenger was added to the ride. I shook my head and immediately canceled that ride. I told the guy the same thing and he responded with  the same “Thanks. I’ll take care of ya!”  Finally got him to the airport in plenty of time for his flight and wished him a good trip. You know where this story is going. You guess it. This douche didn’t tip me a dime! Now,  I never expect a tip from anyone, but when someone repeatedly blows smoke and tells you they are going to “take care of you” all the while knowing they are not going to, that is just douchey in my book. And he didn’t just “forget” since he made such a big deal about “taking care of me”. Plus, passengers have several days or longer) to rate and tip a driver after a ride. Sure, it was my decision to cancel the next passenger, but I probably wouldn’t have cancelled the last passenger if this guy hadn’t responded the way he did with promises. Also, it’s very douchey to take a “shared ride” to the airport knowing that others could be added to your ride. This guy knew he would never see me again, but he must know how shitty a passenger he is. Don’t be this guy.