Mean, deceitful girls

On one particular late night the two conversations on two separate rides seemed almost identical. Two white girls talking smack about their other girlfriends, why they don’t really like those other girlfriends and how this pair has got it going on. After all, “we’re cute and we’re going out to meet guys.” However, one of the pairs of girls took it a step further. They conspired to send a text message of lies to one of their girlfriends saying that one was drunk and that the other one was taking her home.  In fact, they were heading to another club and didn’t want the other girlfriend to know. That’s pretty shitty.

Now, fast forward to the day after Valentines Day, and a pair of white 40-ish year old women on a ride home to Lower Merion discussed how they could spin the story of a Valentine’s Day card that one of them received from some other guy and was left at home by accident where her husband found it. All the card said was “D. Love, D.”  They tried to come up with people they knew whose names started with the letter D. They came up empty. The girlfriend even suggested that she could say it was from a gay guy as a joke, but no one with “D” came to mind. Then she asked what the other will do if her husband keeps digging to find out who it was from. She replied that she will just “be a total bitch”, meaning act crazy and piss him off so he changes the subject and stops the hunt for the truth. There was obviously something going on between her and her Valentine and she wasn’t about to spill the beans to her husband. When they left my car it was “game face on” for them. 

None of these women filtered what they said. They didn’t care one bit and didn’t seem to notice that I, their driver, was actually in the car! Some people (well, women).