Get the funk out.

On a shared ride as I was just a few blocks away from dropping off a passenger, I got a request to pick up another passenger before I dropper her off. As I pulled up to the pick-up spot on the corner I noticed a very large guy. He was my passenger. Now, I have a pretty roomy car, but he had a hard time getting into the back seat. As soon as he got in, I noticed a really bad body odor. I thought, Oh, boy, here we go. As I drove the few blocks to drop off the first passenger, I was thinking that she probably noticed the funk too. It was at that point on this cold winter night that I noticed in the Lyft Driver app that I was taking him on a 30 minute ride to NJ. Nooo! So, we started to have a conversation and I had to lower several windows a few inches to get some fresh air into the car. I had the heat turned up, but fresh air coming in so I wouldn’t gag. Now, he seemed like a nice guy, but the BO was awful. I found out that he is also a Lyft driver! Say, what??! He had told me that he had totaled his car in an accident and was going to pick it up the next day. So, he was out of commission for several weeks, unable to earn money. I just can’t imagine what it would be like as a Lyft passenger getting a ride in his car with that terrible BO permeating the vehicle constantly. I can’t imagine that his reviews would be terribly complementary either. I gave him a 3-star rating because while he was a nice guy I did not want to have to pick him up and experience that again. That was one of the most uncomfortable rides I’ve had.