Please don’t lollygag.

I arrive at the Four Season Hotel to pick up my next passenger one late night. Nice driveway. Nice hotel. I wait patiently. Out come two 20-something guys who stop outside for a casual conversation…about 20 feet from my mint green car. Literally, talking casually for several minutes, making no moves towards my car and no gestures to me that they’re coming. I figure, they’re not my passengers. There’s no one else around. They’re making no moves towards my car and not even gesturing that they’re my passengers or that they are coming.

Then, all of a sudden they casually start to make a move towards my car and casually start to get in. I say, “You guys were just standing there making me wait??” One of the guys says “oh, we’re gay guys” as if that is a legitimate excuse or that they are some sort of royalty or prima donnas. Not sure what that has to do with it. Rude discourteous behavior is rude discourteous behavior no matter who you are. If you see my car as your ride, at least acknowledge me and let me know you’re gonna blow me off for a few minutes!