Rating system (rating passengers) – my philosophy

(Update 11/29/21). So, I just discovered that Lyft gives ALL passengers a 5 star rating as a default unless the driver actually gives them a rating. This changes my approach in that I should probably rate most passengers, especially if they fall into MY 4 star category. I’m already rating most others. With that said…I posted this a few days ago…

Many passengers don’t realize that drivers can rate them. While I don’t rate most passengers (because most don’t stand out in an exceptional or terrible way), I do rate those that cause a problem, were annoying in some way or that I just don’t prefer to pick up again. Add in the “mask factor” (people who don’t have a mask) and there are many reasons people get bad ratings from me or why I don’t want to have to deal with them again. 

5 stars (very few meet this criteria) – passengers who are exceptionally friendly, interactive and respectful. Maybe we share a common bond (e.g. military career) or you just really acknowledged or appreciated the 5 star service that I try to provide.

4 stars (most people) – we don’t necessarily need to have a conversation, but at least saying “Hello” and acknowledging me as your driver (believe me, some people get into my car and don’t even say hello!) , and saying “goodbye” or “thank you” are the polite things to do. If you are basically polite or pleasant, then you are 4 stars.

3 stars (a lot of people) – passengers who don’t have or wear a mask will get 3 stars. Please note that if any passengers is rated 3 stars or below, they will never be matched with me for a ride again. This is how the Lyft app works (thank God). Passengers have had me go to some shady unsafe areas that I don’t prefer to go to again or some shady stops (drug buying!) on a round trip ride. These are 3 star passengers. Those that complain about the navigation (e.g. that I am “taking the long way” or “why are you going this way?”) is very rude. If you want me to take or avoid a specific route/road, just ask. Also, since I use Waze (which is an app that defaults to the fastest route), we are stating off on the best route. If you make a change, there is no guarantee we’ll get there faster (do you know where the accidents, road closures, and traffic jams are at this very minute??). So, when that happens, don’t blame me. One of the most annoying things to me is people who actually promise to “tip you in the app” (whenever I hear that, I cringe) and then don’t tip you at all. I doubt they forgot because they get several reminders from Lyft to rate their ride/driver. Again, boldface lies and “blowing smoke” will get you 3 stars. Again, 3 star behavior that will ban you from the Mint Green Lyft Machine for life.

2 stars (a few people) – It’s rare, but their have been a few awful passengers who have given me lots of attitude (related to masks, navigation, or something else) or bad behavior (e.g. yelling into their phone while having an argument with someone, constant foul language, leaving trash or food in my car, people stealing things from my car, people who vomit in my car). Not only do I never want these people to ride in my car again, any passenger rated 2 stars or below triggers a response from Lyft about the incident.

1 star (only once or twice) – people who are truly disrespectful and argumentative or threatening.

So, there you have it. Just know that I usually only rate passengers who fall into 5, 3, 2, 1 star categories. Those that are 4 star are the standard and so no rating is necessary.