Top Questions I Get

This is a short post, but I wanted to list these top 7 questions (some with obvious answers, not-so-obvious answers, and one bizarre one).

#1 – “Is this (mint green) your favorite color?” Well, I’m “all in” on the mint green by spending money to have it painted, so….YES it is.

#2 – “Did you buy it this way or did you have it painted?” Well, I doubt you’re buying a mint green car anywhere today. You’d probably have to teleport to the 1950s to find cars manufactured in this color. So, yes, I did have it painted.

#3- “So, why did you choose this color?” (kinda related to “do you like this color”, but more to it). Fair question. The original color is dark blue which I liked and enjoyed for 6 years. I was actually going to buy a new car, but I didn’t like any new car colors. I had seen pictures of classic cars from the 1950s online and thought that’d be a great look for my car (which I still liked). Blue and green are cool, calming colors. Think of water and the ocean and it’s relaxing. And, that’s what mint green is all about.

#4 – “Is it painted or wrapped?” (good question) It is actually painted. I chose the color from the big book of colors at Maaco and said “make it mint green.”

#5 – “Do you LIKE the color of your car?” (bizarre question, as if the answer could be “no, I hate it”). Seriously. I don’t like I, I LOVE it.

#6- When I tell people I have a blog, some have asked “are you a writer?” Ummm, well, if I have a blog, I guess I AM a writer. Odd question.

#7 “Do you get stopped by the police a lot?” (bizarre assumptions). Say, what?! No, I don’t. I’m just driving a cool mint green car. I’m not a reckless driving maniac. Truth be told though….I DID once have a cop pull up next to me in his car on Chestnut St. in University City and ask what the color was. Apparently, he and his partner were debating on the color.