Yo, bro. I got the COVID.

I pick up this guy from a clinic on Broad St. on a 20 minute ride to Olney. After a few minutes he starts making a series of calls to his friends and associates. He started one call with “Yo, bro. I got the COVID.” (I made sure my windows were cracked and we both were wearing masks, as required by Lyft). He was explaining to the guy that he had just left the clinic and got a positive COVID test. Apparently, the friend either didn’t believe it, trust the results, or just had doubts about COVID in general. So, my passenger tells him “I don’t care what your deal is, I’m just letting you know I got the COVID.” He made about 6-7 calls, telling a few people he was feeling sick and that they should get tested.

Not that it made too much of a difference, but it would have been courteous to tell me he had just tested positive for COVID BEFORE he got into my car. Helluva thing to find out from someone’s phone calls! Sheeesh. Glad I’m triple vaxxed!